Developing Junior players is a key priority for the Club. We have a rich history of granting juniors adult status allowing them to play alongside adults in social sessions and participate in matches.

Historically there has been no defined process of how to obtain adult status. Recently the Committee has developed a process in order to make getting adult status fair and consistent.

It should be noted that the Club does not want to set juniors up to fail and if it is felt that at the current moment in time they are not ready for adult status then the Club will work with the junior and parents to identify future development opportunities in order to work towards adult status in the future.

Details of the process can be found below:

1. Nomination / Self Nomination

Any adult at the club may nominate a junior, by notifying a member of management committee that a junior should be considered for adult status. Alternatively, a junior may self nominate.

2. Informal Technique Evaluation

The junior seeking adult status will be invited along for a informal game of tennis with three other members who will evaluate the juniors technique on various topics. The adults will provide feedback to the junior and make a recommendation to the committee.

3. Recommendation for Trial

Following the outcome of the evaluation the junior will be invited to undertake a 1 month trial of adult status. They can come to any session and mix in with all members.

4. Review by Committee

At the end of the 1 month trial the committee will review the situation taking into account playing standard, behaviour and future development. If the junior is competing well with the adults the junior will be granted adult status.

5. Regular Review

The committee regularly reviews all juniors who have been granted adult status to ensure that they are able to continue to develop their game and enjoy the sport.