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£90 for the first year

There are no joining fees to become a member and a reduced introductory rate (for adult memberships) is available for the first year. If you are purchasing membership for the first time, please ensure you choose the correct option of the reduced rate.

Membership fees can be paid as a single annual payment or across monthly payments. Membership fees less than £50 per year must be paid in full, but all membership charges over £50 can be split into six (6) equal monthly payments.

All memberships are renewed annually, beginning in April.


Become a member today!

£90 for the first year

Why you should join Ripley & Alfreton Tennis Club

All our members have different motivations for joining the club, but one or all these reasons are most common.

1.      You can choose to play competitive tennis or enjoy friendly social sessions

We pride ourselves on offering friendly and competitive tennis in the Ripley and Alfreton area. Our members come from towns in the Amber Valley district, as well as from other areas in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

The club takes part in the Derby Area Tennis League, playing fixtures against local Derbyshire teams in both summer and winter leagues. Currently, we have a women's/ladies’ team and three men’s teams. Men and women also play together in our two mixed doubles teams.

Equally, we offer regular friendly relaxed playing sessions for members who play to have fun.

Whether you are looking to play competitively or to have fun, we offer a coaching programme to help you improve your game. Our LTA accredited coach runs weekly coaching sessions, suitable for all ages and abilities.

2.     You become part of a sociable community

If you want to represent the club competitively you will soon experience the social benefits of tennis, through spending time with your teammates and mixing with players from other clubs, as you play competitive interclub matches throughout Derbyshire.

If you prefer relaxed sessions and matches, you will enjoy socialising with other members on the courts and in the clubhouse. Being part of the club gives you a ready-made sociable community, something that you can’t always experience at parks and public facilities.

Additionally, we organise regular social activities, such as end of season meals and Christmas parties.

3.     You can enjoy tennis at all ages

One of the joys of tennis is that it can be as simple as you like or as skilful – and competitive – as you want. It can be fun at all ages, whether you’re competing against other Derbyshire tennis clubs or enjoying a knockaround with friends or family.

We offer a range of memberships to appeal to junior players, parents, and older players. Members aged 60 and over receive a concessionary rate, while children (aged under 18) pay a nominal annual fee. Parents can choose to play as an adult member, family member, or choose a cheaper membership if they only play against their children.

Our coaching programme encourages junior players to improve their game and love the sport for life. We are working hard to ensure that the club can grow with them and meet their needs from youth to adult status.


4.    You increase your fitness and life expectancy

Racquet sports regularly rate highly among the social sports in terms of health benefits and positive effects on life expectancy. A Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Study (2023) found that tennis has the greatest impact on extending life. This supports previous studies, including the Copenhagen City Heart Study. They reported that people who play tennis live almost 10 years (an average 9.7 years) longer than people who don’t exercise.

Whether you dream of being a champion or play to have fun; whether you want to improve your health and life expectancy or try a new sport; whether you're a junior player, a veteran, or somewhere in between: we believe we have the facilities and memberships to suit you. Contact us now!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can become a member?

Ripley & Alfreton Tennis Club are proud to be an inclusive club. We welcome players of all ages and abilities.

We offer a range of membership deals, including adult membership (aged 25 and over), family membership (for two (2) adults and up to three (3) children), and over 60s membership (offered at a concessionary rate).

You can also join as a social member, enjoying all the non-playing benefits the club offers.

Why join the club?

Becoming a member of the club offers many benefits, including:

  • Playing whenever you want when the courts aren't in use
  • Developing your game, through friendly games and coaching opportunities
  • Being eligible for team selection and representing the club in local competitions

What else do you offer?

We are a friendly club and enjoy regular social sessions and events, such as end of season meals and Christmas parties.

As a member, you can also be entered into the Wimbledon ballot for events’ tickets.

As a club, we want to become a vital community resource and welcome new members and fresh ideas, so that we can all grow together.

Where is the club?

The club is based in Ripley (DE5 3GG) in Amber Valley. We have members from the surrounding areas - such as Belper and South Normanton - in both Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

You can use the map below to navigate the local area and find directions to the club.

Ripley & Alfreton Tennis Club

Heage Rd, Ripley, Derbyshire, DE5 3GG

+447927 775550

When can I visit the club?

If you would like to visit the club, please get in touch.

Someone can then give you a tour of the facilities, introduce you to other members, and answer any questions you may have.

Arrange to visit Ripley & Alfreton Tennis Club

    Membership can be bought directly from our ClubSpark page, where you can create an account, book a court, arrange coaching sessions, and more.

    If you have any problems, please visit the ClubSpark support pages or contact us.

    Membership TypeDescriptionEligibilityPay in fullPay monthly*
    Adults – RenewalAdult membershipAged 25 and over£160£26.67
    Adults – New MemberAdult membershipAged 25 and over**£90£15
    Over 60sConcessionary membership rate for those aged over 60To qualify for the over 60s concession, you must be aged 60 years or over on the date of purchase£130£21.67
    FamilyFamily membershipFor two (2) adults and up to three (3) children under 18£300£50
    Under 25sMembership for people aged 18-25Must by aged under 25 years on the date of joining or renewal£90£15
    Junior (U18s)Junior (U18s) membershipChildren must be under the age of 18 years on the day of purchase£20
    Parental PlayMembership for a parent who will only be playing with their childChild membership for each child playing must also be purchased£40
    Social MemberNon-playing membership£15

    *If applicable, monthly payments are paid over six months. Typically, monthly payments are available on fees costing more than £50; fees below £50 will be due as a one-off payment.

    **If you are joining the club for the first time, please choose the Adult - New member offer at £90.00.